Stanly County Amateur Radio Club - Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kent Harkey, President Stanly County Historical Society
Ray Sipe, President Stanly County Amateur Radio Club
Pat Bramlett, Chairman of Education Committee Stanly County Historical Society
PowerPoint presentation by Ray Sipe, Radio Club president
    History of Amateur Radio in Stanly County

Oldest known Radio Club picture

March 18, 1956

March 18, 1956 #2


K40GB Shack in 1967

2017 Equipment

Radio equipment on display

A very old crystal-controlled transceiver

This is an Icom 7100 - all mode radio (160 meters - 70 cm) with D-Star digital voice capability.
This is the radio of Ray Sipe (KI4UDZ), club president and is shown connected to a
portable battery and solar panel. This radio is primarily used for portable field operations.

On the left is a dual band (2 meter and 70 cm) handheld radio (HT or walkie-talkie).
On the right is an older but still operational HF radio (160 m - 10 m).

James Jarrett (KK4ZAL)

Steve Barker (WB4TSN)

Display Table

Display – Larry Almond (K4MGA)

Cranford Family served refreshments
(Robert, RJ, Michelle, CiCi, Miriam)

Dr. Keith Andrew, ARRL Emergency Coordinator,
setting up a mobile, multiband 20-foot vertical antenna.

      William Thomas (KI4JDA) from Oakboro with Joan Eudy

    Stanly County Amateur Radio Club K40GB Logo

Pictures by Roger Eudy and Richard Cosgrove