Morrow Mountain Event - Saturday, May 14, 2016

175th sign
Friends of Morrow Mountain welcome visitors
Visitors reading about the Krons prior to visiting the home site
Joyce Lambert, Kron historian, sharing information about the Kron family
Ken Ringler, Historical Society President, talks with visitors about the grounds of the Kron property
Local doctor and his colleague visit Dr. Kron’s medical office
Ranger Jason Murvine with backdrop showing animals that were prevalent during different periods of history
Ranger Jason Murvine explaining how to make & use a bow
Hikers gathering at boat landing near the location of the Kirk/Lowder ferry
Jeff Michael (hike leader) and John Young (organizer of the Morrow Mountain 175th event)
Jeff Michael leads hikers on the trail near the old Salisbury to Fayetteville Market Road
Kathy Trotter takes hikers to see the remains of an old home site
Photos courtesy of John Young, Rich Cosgrove and Ken Ringler